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We are partnering  - we currently have (2) houses Chastity Smiles and Orion Baby - 

Chastity Chyld Incorporated aim to provide secure, safe, and stabile housing to families impacted by domestic violence. Chastity Chyld Incorporated have a primary purpose to formulate well thought coordination between domestic violence victims and homeless service providers to continue providing transitional housing, emergency shelter, permanent housing, and rapid rehousing. Via comprehensive training and technical assistance Chastity Chyld Incorporated aim to enhance safe, supportive, and sustainable housing for survivors of domestic violence. Chastity Chyld Incorporated are known for providing solutions regarding the diverse and complex needs domestic violence survivors require at the local state, and national level regarding victim privacy and confidentiality. 

Additionally, Chastity Chyld Incorporated offer strategies for domestic violence service providers to partners in Continuum of Care (CoC) implementation/planning. Chastity Chyld Incorporated efforts are aimed at delivering client/child-focused, trauma-informed, and culturally relevant services that are tailored to fit the requirements of survivors of domestic. Chastity Chyld Incorporated will inform the grantor of lessons learned from all fields related to progressive engagement and supportive services rendered to formulate and spearhead the goal of Achieving Life and Housing Stability.

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